Best Non-Slip Shower Mat for Senior Peoples

A non-slip bath mat has adequate cushioning while gripping the floor to reduce the risk of accidents on slippery tiled or porcelain floors. Usually, most seniors have trouble maintaining proper balance in the bathroom. Consequently, there are many recorded bathroom falls for the elderly, where most are fatal. The best non-slip shower mat for senior … Read more

Which Is the Best Portable Bathtub for Senior Adults

Everybody, especially senior adults, loves a long hot bath in the comfort of their bathrooms. But, what will you do if you are away from home or your bathroom is going through renovations? A portable bathtub comes to the rescue! Herein, you’ll find the best-rated portable bathtub for senior adults. This extensive review looks into … Read more

Best portable toilets for seniors.

When old age knocks, or when suffering from chronic illness, movements and ability to control the bladder and bowels is limited. This inability triggers some embarrassing inconveniences such as visiting the toilet. Luckily, most companies have designed portable toilets for the elderly to help in such circumstances. “So, what is a portable toilet for the … Read more

Best Bathtub Rails for seniors.

Bath time can be a nightmare for the elderly because of the high risk of falls. Undeniably, the bathroom is the most dangerous part of the house due to the wet and slippery hard floors that can fall fatal. “Well, what is a bathtub rail for Seniors? It is a specific handheld grab tool that … Read more

Best Shower Stool for seniors.

The right shower stool for seniors can be the perfect equipment for older adults to enjoy a long, warm and relaxing shower while seated safely and comfortably. This is primarily useful for seniors with mobility issues that come with old age. “Right,what is a shower stool? It is a stylish designed stool without backrest, with … Read more

Best Handheld Head Showers for Seniors.

Best Handheld Head Showers for Seniors

Is your elderly skipping and avoiding their baths?  That’s normal, Aging comes along with its effects.   Hitting the Shower room is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up in the morning. Right, as we are aging our bodies becomes more lazy and weak, so it sounds very great to buy … Read more

What are the Best Shower Chairs for Seniors Adults?

Best Shower Chairs for Seniors 2021

Right,Is it crucial to buy a Shower Chair to your beloved Older aged Adults? Absolutely Yes, According to recent statistics, elderly emergency-related issues are mainly due to falls, and 80% fall in the bathroom. Without a doubt, old age comes with the loss of mobility and balance, which can make even essential activities like showering … Read more

What are the Best Toilets for Seniors?

Is your loved older adult having problems using the toilet? Believe it or not, challenges in getting on and off the toilet are a common cause of injury among seniors. With old age, muscles and joints tend to lose strength hence the need for the best toilets for seniors. Preferably, a high toilet seat is … Read more